Joseph Capriati Prepares to Metamorfosi: DJ and producer Joseph Capriati started DJing when he was just 11 years old.
“I was walking around my home in Caserta, Italy, and I remember seeing American people having a party – at the time, in front of my house, there was a residency were the families of American soldiers sent to the Naples base of NATO were living,” he says. “It was Independence Day and I saw this figure of a guy mixing and I just clicked and knew I wanted to do the same! It wasn’t easy though, in that era there was no internet of course and it was also expensive to buy records, mixers and turntables. I started to work during summer, helping my uncle in his construction company, passing along to him his work instruments basically, and at the end of the summer he gave me something that today would be around $500. I was finally able to buy one turntable! My grandma gave me a second one, which didn’t even have pitch control, I was using my own fingers, you know? As per the mixer, a friend of a friend gave me a third hand one (which, for the records, I still have) and I then bought two records. I remember mixing these 2 records only for over 6 months! Well, from there I started.”
Today, he describes his sound as a blend of techno, house, tech-house, and minimal.
“I play different types of sessions,” he says. “If you really know me, you know you can expect one session or one another depending on the venue, on the party, on the crowd and generally the vibe. I don’t have a line to follow and I’m very versatile, for example if I play at Awakenings, you can expect a very techno focused set. If I play in the Terrace of Space Club in Miami, you can expect a groovy set, if I play in Ibiza, you can expect a House / Tech-House set. It really depends and I love to be able to follow the vibe and take my sound from there.”
Capriati says that, like many people, he struggled during the pandemic and lockdown.
“I personally really touched the deepest darkness, but it was a big wake-up call for me and from that moment I really learned a lot and really grew a lot,” he says. “Now I live my life with a very different perspective and a different excitement. It’s like going back to the basics.”
On May 20, Capriati performs at the Exchange LA.
You can expect a global set, groovy and growing into techno,” he says. “I love Exchange, I haven’t played there for a long time, and I’ve changed a lot since that last time. I am in a constant metamorphosis really: my music is a reflection of it. I believe it’s gonna be the best time ever there. Be ready for it, I am.”
He has plenty more going on this year too.
“There are so many projects on the pipeline for 2022,” he says. “I just released on the legendary Kompakt Records Label my remix of ‘Agents Of Time,’ you’ll then see this summer my very first ever Ibiza production-short residency, and I’ll have a Triple Vinyl of Remixes of my latest album, Metamorfosi, coming out soon on my own label, Redimension.”
Joseph Capriati Prepares to Metamorfosi: The Metamorfosi remix album is out soon. Joseph Capriati performs on May 20 at Exchange LA.

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