GG Magree is a Deja Rever: Australian DJ, producer singer and songwriter GG Magree got her start in music early; her dad owned nightclubs so she was always around it.

“I used to throw ragers when I was in Uni studying and I was curating the music for the parties and thought, ‘Wait, I can do this’,” she says. “So I got a gig at the local pub for $25 an hour on a Saturday while there was a flea market on and I taught myself. I started getting gigs around Sydney but it wasn’t until I did a tour with NGHTMRE and he asked me if I could sing and of course, I said ‘yes’ — never had I ever tried before and a week or so later I wrote ‘Frontlines.’ That song changed my life.”

Today, she describes her sound as “angsty pop-punk electronic,” and she says that the pandemic had positive effects on her creativity.

“It gave me time to breathe and really dive deep into the sound and the overall aesthetic of the GG project,” she says. “I actually wrote this whole EP over the pandemic and it was originally about 30 songs so to narrow it down was so hard because I loved them all but the ones y’all are going to hear are obvs the cherries!”

Her latest single is “Deja Reve.”

“One of my favorite directors is Eli Roth, who wrote and directed the movie Hostel,” she says. “I’ve been obsessed with it ever since I first saw it. Eli also said one of my favorite quotes ever, ‘I’ve always been mesmerized by the idea that there’s no such thing as evil, it’s all basically your own point of view.’ Thus became ‘Deja Reve.’ Déjà-rêvé translates to ‘already dreamed,’ have you ever had Déjà vu? It’s like that but from a dream and I have dreams every single night! So this is a constant in my life.”

Looking ahead, there’s plenty happening in 2022.

I have Coachella coming up, then the rest of my EP drops, and then I head to Europe for Tomorrowland,” she says. “I’ve already started my next project which will be a continuous story from this first EP.”

GG Magree is a Deja Rever: GG Magree’s “Deja Reve” single is out now.

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