Ever wonder what's on José Andrés' playlist? You figure he must be listening to something cutting edge while he's thinking up cotton candy foie gras and playing with the nitro canisters at The Bazaar, right? Try Elton John's Daniel. We know this because the Spanish chef shares his personal soundtrack as part of KCRW's Guest DJ Project. Yes, while Andrés is dreaming up ways to synthesize molecular gastronomy and traditional Spanish tapas, he's singing along to Counting Crows.

The Guest DJ Project is a weekly program that showcases local “cultural trendsetters and icons,” who are asked to share 5 inspirational songs. For some reason, chefs are very iconic these days. The show has featured Sang Yoon (Father's Office), Jon Shook (Animal) and even Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi.

And coming soon to a radio near you: Susan Feniger (Ciudad, Street) and Alice Waters (Chez Panisse). Your Arlo Guthrie joke here: __________.

LA Weekly