Steve Jones debuted four new Prince songs on Jonesy's Jukebox today, and they fit right in with the station's rock-heavy playlist. The four songs, “Crimson and Clover,” “Colonized Mind,” “Wall of Berlin” and “4ever,” featured many long solos and lots of Hendrix/Creem/Santana-esque riffs — heavy rock with lots of bass and lots of amplification. Jonesy, joined by Mr. Shovel, kicked off with Prince's new  cover of Tommy James and the Shondells'  “Crimson and Clover,” followed by “Colonized Mind,” a hard, riff-heavy rock song featuring a Sly/Family Stone-style celebratory chorus. “Wall of Berlin” has funky bass line and a nice riff:  “I heard the thunder before the

lightning struck” he sings, “Where am I?”

The fourth song, “4ever,” was the softest, a piano-driven ballad that sounds like an outtake or b-side.

Indie's Shovel explained that Indie had been invited up to Prince's house to hear some new songs, and station was  immediately struck by them. “He played a lot of tracks, more than what we brought, an album's worth,” said Shovel, adding that Prince was trying to figure out the best way to release the record. He doesn't want anything to do with labels, said Shovel, who added there would be “a series of shows to coincide with the release.” Hmm. We'd suggest the Troubadour.   

We'll keep you posted.

LA Weekly