Do you love food? Do you love Jonathan Gold? Do you run a gorgeous food-and-photography blog? Do you really, really love Excel? If you answered a definitive yes to all those questions, then you may be Sarah Gim, the blogger behind The Delicious Life and the creator of perhaps the coolest spreadsheet ever. (Yeah, yeah, we're biased.) In response to Gold's latest 99 Essential L.A. Restaurants list, Gim did not promptly get in her car to go eat at as many restaurants as possible, but instead built this.

As Gim writes in her post,

The spreadsheet tracks every restaurant listed in any version of a “99 ___ ” by JGold, in which years, and cross-referenced with that other list, the 99 Things to Eat Before You Die. I have no idea why this would be important to anyone but me, but whatever. If I die tomorrow, at least I will have made my one big contribution to the world!

Gim has not only codified Gold's lists, but analyzed them rather like our editor asked us to do last week. For example, there are 28 restaurants added to the list. “Of the 28 restaurants added,” she writes, “five of the restaurants had actually made previous appearances, but not in 2010, so they were considered 'new' from the prior year.”

There are 293 restaurants listed over the seven years, she says. There are hours and addresses and telephone numbers, although not for all. There are “All Stars.” There are notes. There is even an embedded request to a certain beloved restaurant.

Thank you, Sarah. We care. We do not like Excel. And we don't think you need a new hobby, but again, we're somewhat biased. (As for therapy, don't we all.)

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