Journo-median Jon Stewart's “Rally to Restore Sanity” Oct. 30 in Los Angeles has been rejected by the city — at least at the venue organized tried to get, Pershing Square downtown.

The event was one of two twin rallies scheduled for L.A. and Washington, D.C. The D.C. event, “Keep Fear Alive,” was to be hosted by Steven Colbert. Organizers say via Facebook they will press on at another locale in L.A:

Never fear, dear Angelenos. We will not give up. We are putting calls out to every possible venue in town and will lock something down asap. If you happen to know of a great location – please leave a message here.

Here's how the Chicago Tribune spins the dual rallies:

These events are obvious sendups of Glenn Beck's recent Restoring Honor rally and the progressive One Nation rally held earlier this month. And while the audiences of the two comedians undoubtedly skew somewhat to the left, Stewart is presenting the rally as a chance for the low-key middle to come together.

We made a phone call in an attempt to find out why the rally was rejected. If it was a money-making rave, however, we think the event would have been approved.

Maybe Stewart should transform this thing into a late-night event, red-white-and-blue glowsticks and all. He could change the name to “Ecstasy for America.”

LA Weekly