Conservative politicians and non-conservative pop musicians are always having altercations about the former's use of the latter's music and hipness for nefarious political purposes.

The latest spat concerns UK Prime Minister David Cameron (a Tory Tony Blair–well, a more obviously Tory Tony Blair…) and legendary Mancunian (and occasional Angeleno) Johnny Marr.

Apparently Cameron said he liked the Smiths. Marr then took to Twitter with an aesthetic fatwa (see above).

As Vanity Fair points out, Cameron is fully aware of the inconsistency between his politics and his musical tastes:

In February 2009, Cameron apologetically professed his love for Smiths frontman Morrissey during an appearance on a BBC show. “I'm sure when Morrissey finds that he's getting an endorsement from the leader of the Conservative Party, he will think 'Heaven knows I'm miserable now',” Cameron said, referencing the title of one of the most well-known Smiths songs. “But I'm a big fan, I'm afraid. Sorry about that.” Morrissey, also a guest on the BBC show and a far more consummate diplomat than Marr, replied, “It's difficult to make comment because you might hurt people's feelings.”

LA Weekly