We told you so.

Allegations that John Travolta was a gay bottom who cruised L.A.'s spa scene seemed pretty far out to us, not only because it was hard to believe an A-lister would risk his career for a semi-public BJ, but also because the main Mid-City venue described in the finger-pointing isn't even a man-on-man spot. (Not to mention the fact that Travolta has lived in Florida for many years so he can park his 707 jet in his backyard — how gay is that?).

And so, his lawyer, Marty Singer, has sent a threatening letter to Gawker because the blog republished the “false and outrageous” claims.

(Eh, so did we, albeit with many doubts).

The revelatory accusations were made by author Robert Randolph in his recently self-published book You'll Never Spa In This Town Again.

Among his claims: Travolta cruised for men at the City Spa & Health Center, a place that's not on the gay map in L.A. He was a bottom. He liked hairy, dark men. Etc.

We found the details over the, er, top, and noted that there's probably a reason Randolph's book was self-published. (Funny, too: Many commenters on our own post about the allegations insist that Travolta is gay and offered up … second- and third-hand anecdotes).

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