In this town, stories about John Travolta and food are as ubiquitous as threadbare casting couches and sitcoms about schlubby Neanderthals married to improbably hot women. Still, this tidbit should have a place of honor in the annals of Travolta Trivia.

The 57-year-old actor was in West Sussex this past weekend (no word on whether he flew his own airplane) to attend an annual Scientology conference, and one of his representatives called the local Kentucy Fried Chicken asking to reserve a table.

According to The Daily Mail, the flustered clerk refused because he thought it was a prank.

A KFC spokesman told The Daily Mail:

In hindsight, of course, we would have reserved a table for him. It's not every day you get a Hollywood star eating in your restaurant.

We appreciate KFC as much as the next fast-food-loving American (especially the new Cheesy Bacon Bowls), but the story raises some important questions.

1. You can reserve a table at a fast-food restaurant?! If you're a celebrity, you can. Or maybe not.

2. You're traveling to England and you want to eat at KFC? What's next on the agenda, visiting a Southern barbecue competition in Denmark?

3. You're a famous rich celebrity. Why not hire a chef to make you some fried chicken. Then again, sometimes, there's nothing like the taste of home.

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