It's a commonly understood fact among electronic dance music fans that a Fabric mix is a pretty big deal for a DJ, an indication that he or she has “arrived.” It's perhaps the most exclusive and respected series of mixes coming out these days; each year the legendary London club asks a handful of the best DJs to compile one, and from there you can pretty much guarantee that the DJs will have their next year of weekends booked. It's a big deal is what we're saying.

Tonight LA's John Tejada celebrates the release of his Fabric 44 mix — and the first Fabric mix from any LA DJ. It's a smart, deep minimal techno mix that moves from bumping tracks to softer ambient ones, includes a few nice selections from the Palette All-Stars (Tejada's “band” with co-conspirator Arian Leviste) and a number of others from Tejada's Palette Recordings. If you're not a fan, think again and head down to Nacional. (We'll have a longer review of the mix in the weeks to come, but for now check out Dennis Romero's LA Weekly feature on Tejada from 2008.

John Tejada – Fabric 44 tracklist

01. dave hughes – let's do it

02. pigon – kamm

03. namlook – subharmonic atoms

04. donnacha costello – colorseries olive b

05. wax – wax10001

06. nekes – cristal

07. alex cortez – phlogiston ep

08. palette all-stars – downtown hotel

09. palette all-stars – after school special

10. eqd – equalized001

11. john tejada & justin maxwell – benus boats

12. john tejada & arian leviste – m track 1

13. orbital – fahrenheit 303

14. john tejada – torque

15. m-core – be gene

16. john tejada & arian leviste – forbidden planet

17. substance – relish (shed remix)

18. spooky – candy

19. john tejada – the open

20. lj kruzer – huba (plaid's 15 years lost remix)

Nacional is located at 1645 Wilcox Ave. (

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