Free-flowing Champagne, copious amounts of hand-dipped chocolates, and no blind date required. And did we mention it's free? John Kelly Chocolates, Hollywood, this Saturday night. Get the full details after the jump.

The chocolate factory has actually been around for five years, but the new retail storefront next door is the reason for all that bubbly. Owners John Kelson and Kelly Green have been selling their “truffle fudge” directly to swanky hotels and high-end retailers like Neiman-Marcus, but now the chocolate-dipped fudge is readily accessible for those of us who tend to spend a little less than $200 on a t-shirt.

Which brings us to the “truffle fudge” question. And our pop quiz of the day: What exactly is the difference between fudge and chocolate ganache?

Meet Your Truffle Fudge; Credit: Hand Digital Photo

Meet Your Truffle Fudge; Credit: Hand Digital Photo

Fudge is technically a candy because the butter, milk and sugar are boiled to the soft ball stage and flavored with chocolate (or as evident by the fudge offerings in Small Town, USA, pretty much whatever is in your pantry works just fine as a flavoring, too). Ganache is much more straightforward. You stir together warm cream and melted semisweet or bittersweet chocolate to make a thick filling that is the base of many chocolate truffles. Kelson and Green dip their fudge like a truffle, hence the name “truffle fudge.”

You can buy the candy in the small “bites,” essentially truffle-sized pieces, or an entire bar in one of the dozen flavors like cappuccino, orange and peanut butter to slice and serve in small pieces. And in true fudge shop fashion, John Kelly Chocolates also offers chocolate-dipped dried fruits and their version of turtle candy, only here with walnuts instead of pecans and sea salt sprinkled on top.

But Squid Ink will be there Saturday night for the free chocolate truffles. Or the fudge. Or whatever the hell it's called.

John Kelly Chocolates. Retail Shop Opening Party: Saturday, June 5, 6:30 to 9 p.m. 1508 N. Sierra Bonita Ave., Hollywood; (323) 851-3269. Free. Valet parking will be available next door at Cheebo.

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