It wasn't just the quirky teens and funny, sincere one-liners that made us love John Hughes' teen movies, it was the music. Whether we were introduced to The Smiths through Pretty in Pink or The March Violets through Some Kind of Wonderful, the soundtracks for Hughes' movies were, in many ways, soundtracks for the '80s. Tonight, Little Cave will be hosting a tribute to the late director and we took the liberty of posting a few clips of songs we would love to hear tonight.

Song: Otis Redding “Try a Little Tenderness”

Film: Pretty in Pink

Reason: Somewhere out there in Los Angeles, there are at least five people who know Duckie's dance routine and will try it out on the floor.

Song: Yello “Oh Yeah”

Film: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Reason: If you can't go for a joyride in a Ferrari, at least you can dance to the song that will remind you of said Ferrari.

Song: Thompson Twins “If You Were Here”

Film: Sixteen Candles

Reason: Even if you're having the most miserable day of your life, Jake Ryan will make it all worth it.

Song: Jesus & Mary Chain “The Hardest Walk”

Film: Some Kind of Wonderful

Reason: Any excuse for some Jesus & Mary Chain is a good one.

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