JJ Hannon opens up about the pros/cons of fame at a young age.

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We caught up with JJ Hannon to talk about the pros and cons of his young success and how fame during his teenage years affects a young mind!

When did you realize that you were becoming a known figure on social media/music scene?

JJ : That’s a good question I don’t really think there’s a moment maybe when I was going to the mall with my mom and fans would ask for photos starting at around 14! I remember one moment someone even in school asked and that was weird but very cool to me that someone that sees me every day would want a photo.

What are some of the positive things about having success at such a young age.

JJ : I think something very positive about having success at a young age is that I was able to be around other very successful artists athletes or even especially business people, all types of people that were very successful in there fields  so I was able to absorb a lot of knowledge and listen to the people who have been in my shoes.

If you could go back in time and do one thing differently about your first few years of your career what would it be?

JJ: I would probably have taken more time to find the proper management my first manager Michael Weist (creator of Tana con) was an amazing manager and I probably should have stayed lol! My family was looking for music management and almost every single social media manager in LA at the time was bidding for me to sign offering a different approach for my future and new era at the time. and we signed with the wrong team and I ended up regretting that for a long time because it put a lot of my dreams and success in a weird growth faze switching in the middle of my career so if I can say anything be very careful about who you sign with!

What’s a con of being famous at a young age?

JJ : I loved being in the spotlight in LA going to all the events touring non stop all over meeting the people who support me so I can’t say a con to that. I can say it was hard for me to know who’s real so I kept my original friends around till this day and I add people that show me they are here for me and nothing else, People showing non authentic feelings was ruff for me as a kid from a small town to understand. I just kinda love and accept everyone unless you give me a reason not too. especially with girls one time I even saw a girls texts talking about hoping I tagged her to grow her modeling page lol. I will save those stories for another time though.

Anything you want to say to our readers about what’s to come soon for you any releases or something you would like to share?

JJ : I’m working very hard on releasing something and I’m getting very active on social media and have so many cool things coming think of it as this fall 2023 the start of the biggest era of my career yet.

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