With good reason, James Maury Henson, better know as Jim, is one of the most well-regarded puppeteers and entertainers, well, on Earth. So much so, that there's an entire Wiki devoted to the legacy of his most famous creation, The Muppets, within which is an extensive subsection devoted to musical references alone. Well, someone will need to update that page to include a mysterious Beat Music creator who goes by the name Durlin Lurt.

Little is known about Lurt. Okay, nothing is known about Lurt except that this guy seems to be working with him, and that he has connections to the Low End Theory crew. Oh, and that, in 2008, he let leak an intriguing little digital beat tape called Him Jenson, heretofore only circulated amongst Stones Throw message board regulars and area music-makers, now set for a proper (?) free, digital release on Leaving Records.

“Him Jenson,” of course, is a spoonerism of the Muppet master's handle, and as was the wont of numerous Henson endeavors — most of all, Sesame Street — Lurt's intriguing release features a highly unique romp through the ABCs. Him Jenson samples freely from the oeuvre of Henson as it runs willy-nilly through 26 tracks arranged alphabetically by title. And much like the Muppets, some of these tracks bounce, some squawk, some get funky, and others still just seem to be strange collages of otherworldly influences.

Here's a sample track. Artwork and full album download — PLUS A GUESS AT LURT'S TRUE IDENTITY — after the jump.

Durlin Lurt – “Understand” [MP3]

him jenson cover

That inspired Crayola fest above comes courtesy of Liv Rodriguez. Using her name, West Coast Sound conducted a very vigorous bit of web-sleuthing to arrive at the MySpace page of one Dirtee Curt, which at least rhymes with Durlin Lurt. Of course, this could also just be something Madlib did in his spare time.

Okay, we've had our fun. Now you get yours:




02. Breathe (feat. LSA)

03. Crayonz (feat. O'Fiber)

04. Danger (feat LeRoi Da MOOR)

05. Eye

06. Falling

07. Gimme 5

08. High

09. In-Out | Here 2 Do (feat. Aahtue)

10. Junk (feat. mgr)

11. KO | Glass Cutter (feat. Mr. Dibiase)

12. Llamas (feat. Tone Liv, Decay & Selfish)

13. Magic

14. Nice

15. OK

16. Peace

17. Quack | the gonzo (feat. dak)

18. Rap

19. Subway (feat. Delofi)

20. Trash (feat. mgr)

21. Understand

22. Vibrate

23. Wet

24. Xxercise (feat. Fat Transfer)

25. YoYo

26. Zowie

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