The jewelry heist business in L.A. County is crazy these days. There have been a series of smash-and-grab robberies in downtown and Koreatown, which the Los Angeles Times blames in part on the higher-than-a-rock-star price of gold.

It looks like sheriff's deputies in West Hollywood might have foiled yet another creative attempt at a bling grab.

Cops responding to burglary in progress at a jewelry store in the …

… 7900 block of Santa Monica Boulevard last night couldn't come up with any bad guys.

But they did find a man-made hole in the wall that went from a vacant building next door to the jewelry retailer, according to a sheriff's statement.

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The owner of the store spotted some suspicious activity next door and dialed 911, according to our reading of the sheriff's report.

And so …

… It was determined that the suspect(s) forced entry into the connected buildings from a doorway on an adjacent street. The suspect(s) navigated their way through the buildings, ultimately attempting to gain entry into the jewelry store through the wall of the vacant building. Although the jewelry store wall was breached, no items appear to have been taken.

Better luck next time.


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