There is no doubt that the construction business industry plays an important role in the development of cities and communities all over the world. A contractor is responsible for designing, planning, constructing, and maintaining a building or infrastructure, such as a highway, bridge, or public utility. In order to improve efficiency and reduce costs, the industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies and techniques being developed to minimize waste and increase efficiency.

The young entrepreneur Jesse Lane has built a thriving construction business before he was 30 years old and is now a successful entrepreneur. From a small business that he started from scratch, he has grown it into an eight-figure business by hard work, dedication, and having a clear vision for the future. As a result, Jesse realized that in order to achieve new heights of success, he must leverage the power of automation in a powerful way.

In order to grow his business, Jesse used a number of key strategies, one of which was building a strong team. It was imperative for Jesse to surround himself with talented and motivated individuals who shared the same passion for excellence that he did. It was important for him to make sure that his team members had the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed, which was why he invested in their training and development. The result of this was a high level of employee engagement and retention, which was crucial to the growth of the company in the long term.

Additionally, Jesse selected projects that aligned with his core competencies and had the potential to produce a solid return on investment. It was also apparent that Jesse was always willing to take on new challenges and step outside of his comfort zone in order to grow the business. In a value-based relationship based on trust, he engaged in social media as a first step in building organic traffic and real followers as part of a long-term relationship.  His YouTube channel has been a huge success for Jesse, he has been able to earn a 6 figure income from his YouTube following alone.

 He also integrated his project management app with his bookkeeping app to streamline his company’s internal and external operations. As part of his project management process, Jesse uses BuilderTrend. This system makes it possible for clients to view images and videos of their projects in order to get a better understanding of them. Plus, there is always an option to stay in touch with their project managers and receive updates on their projects at any time. Creating real systems that streamline client acquisition and maintain constant communication, with fulfillment and full transparency has propelled his operations to new heights.

Regardless of what challenges he faces, Jesse Lane is always looking for a way to scale through them. During the time of the pandemic, things were tough. As a result, all of his clients backed out of the deals; he had to sell his big house, which he had recently renovated for $360k, because of all the cancellations. As a result, he had to improvise, scale back, and build better systems in order to accomplish what he was trying to accomplish.

As a result of the work that he has done, Jesse Lane has had a great deal of positive influence on other people’s lives. An example is when he hosted his first-ever business conference in Jacksonville, Florida, where aspiring general contractors from around the world flew in to learn from him!

He also gave a presentation on entrepreneurship to a classroom full of college students at UNF, sharing the entrepreneurial journey that led him to where he is today.

 As a result of the work that he has done, Jesse Lane has had a great deal of positive influence on other people’s lives. As Jesse views it, a business leader’s greatest strength is their ability to adapt, as well as having the foresight to achieve consistent growth to benefit their staff, community, and industry while having a positive impact on those around them.

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