Jesse James has a Nazi problem — that we know already. But is it in the past? Us magazine this week has a photo of the boyfriend-to-the-stars biker cruising in a convertible … with a guy wearing a Nazi hat.

Really, Jesse?

Besides the fact that you should fire your publicist (or he/she should fire you) for allowing you to do this, have you noticed this important new facet of your life, Jesse …

Your new girlfriend, Kat Von D, is LATINA!? She was born in Mexico!

No wonder white supremacy has been a FAIL and you've seen a black president get elected on your watch. You guys couldn't burn a cross at a Pagan convention.

You're idiots! Not only do you get your asses lubed in prison by the very “inferiors” you seek to subjugate, but you can't tell white from Latino!

Come on, Jesse, take those Von Zipper poseur shades off and see reality before some cholos catch up with you.

And, Kat, really? A Nazi? Your dad is German — from Argentina. Didn't most of the Germans in Argentina go there to flee the Nazis?

Added: Oops. Our assumption there is wrong. Our resident Argentina expert says some Germans there came in the late 1800s, some fled the Nazis around World War II and some were rumored to be Nazis fleeing the Allies.

Hoy vey.

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