Jesika Von Rabbit Gets Into a Tail Spindrift: Thursday’s show at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach will see “Queen of the High Desert” Jesika Von Rabbit perform alongside acid-western/psych-rock band Spindrift. Silver Triplets of the Rio Hondo also perform.

Von Rabbit and Spindrift have a working relationship that goes back years, and they recently performed together at Pioneertown so they’re all warmed up.

Spindrift is well known for it’s work on soundtracks and scored, including for Tarantino’s Hell Ride, plus Treasure of the Black Jaguar and Dust Up.

When we chatted with Von Rabbit in 2018, she told us that: “I think my writing was always a little bit more whimsical. I do a lot of wordplay and I think I paint more of a picture with my writing. ‘The Mushroom Haired Girl,’ for example — I’m always from the slightly sillier side of things. I still have some serious messages in songs — ‘Children of the Dust’ is a post-apocalyptic song. I’m kind of a little bit more colorful and whimsical than maybe Gram Rabbit as a whole. The other writer in the band [Todd Rutherford] was a little bit more serious — deep and beautiful, but I would write the songs ‘Bloody Bunnies’ or ‘Charlie’s Kids,’ about the children of Charles Manson. I take serious matters but make them a bit more fun and cheeky.”

Put them both together and it makes for a great night.

Jesika Von Rabbit Gets Into a Tail Spindrift: The event takes place at 8 p.m. on Thursday, May 26 at Alex’s Bar.

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