Jesca Hoop, whose gorgeous, singular pop songs, has announced a series of four “farewell shows,” which will take place at the end of April at the Hotel Cafe, a venue that has long supported her work. Hoop's aesthetic, which her former boss Tom Waits described as “like going swimming in a lake at night,” is an odd combination of folk, cabaret, melancholia and grace, but she's yet to explode in America the way many predicted she would after the release of her beautiful Kismet in 2007.

So maybe the recent announcement she posted on her playlist last month is her solution: try it somewhere else. We'll let her take over:

I have scheduled four Farewell Hoop Shows….

Where am i going you ask ?

I think its time i tell you that i have decided to move. As of may 1st 2009

i will be living in Manchester England !!!

I am very excited for the change.

I will continue to work and play here in the states. You have been all so very supportive and i will do everything in my power to build furthur the relationship between myself and my beloved audience here in the U.S.

With that said i would like to invite you all to join me for four farewell shows at my home away home here in Los Angeles the Hotel Cafe in the month of April… see my profile for dates times and cover.

please come.. i so would love to sing thankyou to you !!!

If you can't make it tonight, she'll say goodbye one more time on Wednesday, April 29.

LA Weekly