Last Saturday, while down the street on Hollywood Boulevard throngs were lined up around Michael Jackson's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and celebrating his music and dance moves, the Avalon played host to an amazing dance contest that would have made the King of Pop proud. While a few blocks away notes and flowers were piled high, on the daytime dancefloor with the lights down low, some kids and their older brothers and sisters threw it down with a jerkin' competition. Jerkin', a new subgenre on the rise in LA typified — for now — by the New Boyz breakout hit “You're a Jerk,” is gaining steam, mostly because the dance that's sprung from it is so frickin' awesome.

West Coast Sound aimed our point-and-shoot at the dancefloor and captured a few minutes of random jerkin'. For your edification (feel free to steal the dance moves):

Three minutes of funk.

Scrum jerkin'.

LA Weekly