The murder of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen isn't the only homicide that took place in a ritzy L.A.-area community with the fingerprints of a possibly professional hit on it.

One year ago Tuesday prominent attorney Jeffrey Tidus was gunned down outside his Rolling Hills Estates home by someone who apparently jumped out of the bushes and opened fire. He died the next day, and his murder remains a mystery.

He was grabbing his laptop from his car's trunk on Sugarhill Drive when the gunman appeared and shot Tidus in the head.

Authorities looked into some of his clients and those he had sued successfully, including an L.A. tax attorney who was hit with an $11.2 million judgment after Tidus helped to argue the case against him.

So scary were the man's alleged threats that Tidus obtained a restraining order against him in 2005.

Tidus was killed hours after three honchos at mortgage-meltdown-affected New Century Financial, which he represented, were accused of fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Stones have been turned over, and leads have been explored. But a year later it looks like authorities don't have bupkiss.

“We are not any closer to solving it,” sheriff's Lt. Dave Dolson told the Daily Breeze. “We don't have any suspect information or any solid leads. We are still examining all aspects of his life to try to find out a motive.”

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