The Occupy movement has received wide-ranging endorsements, from Democrats to Communists, Green Party leaders to Alec Baldwin.

But what the campers on the lawn of L.A. City Hall really need is an endorsement that will help them endure the boredom, stank and elements of life on the streets.

What they really need is a comedian:

Enter Jeffrey Ross, self-proclaimed “Roastmaster General,” who, like a superhero responding to the screams of a damsel in distress, will be there for the unwashed masses tomorrow.

(He boasts that The New York Times calls him “an heir apparent to such old-school masters as Buddy Hackett and Rodney Dangerfield”).

We hope he has strong vocal chords because amplification — bullhorns included — is not allowed

Apparently Ross has spent some time at the lawn and, while there, met Ron Kovic, the subject of the Tom Cruise film Born on the Fourth of July.

Prepared to fight the power with one-liners, Ross tweets:

Attention protesters at @OccupyLA – I'm comin down there to “Roast Wall Street” Wed at 1pm on the south lawn steps of Los Angeles City Hall.

We understand the two-drink minimum has been waived for this event.


LA Weekly