Jean Paul Gaultier, designer of Madonna's epic cone bra, now is set to style another icon: Diet Coke. The fashion designer was just named Diet Coke's new Creative Director for Europe and, as part of his creative duties, will create limited edition Diet Coke bottles and cans. According to his statement in Coca-Cola's press release, Gaultier wants to “show people the codes and signatures I love. The bottles have the shape of a woman's body, so it was great fun to 'dress' them.”

As if the idea of Gaultier anthropomorphizing a soda bottle isn't enough, he also co-stars in a trio of bizarre videos with a few marionnettes. In all three, he plays a “Serial Designer” who, invigorated by Diet Coke, “helps” the marionnettes in the midst of a fashion crisis. The outcome, however, is less What Not to Wear and somewhat more awkward, uncomfortable assaults on puppets.

In one video, below, a marionette complains to a friend over the phone about her uninspired wardrobe; Gaultier sneaks up, cuts the phone line, drags her away, downs a Diet Coke, puts her on a table, and outfits her with a dress. When the fashion victim-turned-success is asked whether she intends to press charges against the Serial Designer, she laughs and wistfully answers in the negative: “I got him under my skin!”

If you would like to continue following the Serial Designer's adventures with female puppets who are only too grateful for his interventions, the other two episodes can be found on Diet Coke's YouTube channel.

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