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Java Burn Canada is a powdered coffee supplement which claims to work in conjunction with coffee to improve the efficiency and speed in your metabolic rate. JavaBurn is gluten-free, non-stimulant Non-GMO, produced in America and is vegetarian. It is claimed to be “proven to be completely secure.” This sounds wonderful but the issue will be the question of whether Java Burn Canada is safe and can benefit you.

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And is it effective, is it able to reduce fat and, more importantly, is it able to help you in losing weight? In this review , let’s separate fact from fiction, and look into the ingredients and study to help you determine which powdered coffee supplement is suitable for you. If you’re looking to obtain refunds, you’ll be able to learn how to claim your money back.

What are the Metabolic benefits that come from Java Burn Canada?

As per the website of its official owner the supplement can be described as:

  • Enhance fat burning from problematic regions
  • Give you all-day energy
  • Reduce your hunger
  • Improve your overall health

But, is there evidence to support these outcomes? At present, this is not known as the JavaBurn supplement does not have clinical backing. This means that research regarding this Java Burn Canada supplement could not be found. However, this doesn’t suggest that it’s not effective. To gain a better understanding of the effectiveness Java Burn Canada really is, we must examine the research conducted regarding its components.

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Java Burn Canada Ingredients

Java Burn Canada supplement facts label Java Burn Canada supplement facts label informs us that each pack (2.5 grams) includes the following ingredients:

 AmountPercent Daily Value
Total Carbs2g 
Vitamin D20 mg100%
Vitamin B61 mg59%
Vitamin B125 mg208%
Chromium20 mg57%
Extract of green tea leaf300 mg 
Green coffee bean extract200 mg 
L-carnitine100 mg 
L theanine100 mg 

Other ingredients that aren’t involved in how the supplement functions include maltodextrin, natural flavor as well as calcium silicate.

The company suggests mixing one serving of JavaBurn in your morning cup of tea every morning. The metabolism booster is an adequate amount of vitamin B12 but only a small number of people will be deficient in this nutrient since we store it. The people who might be low in vitamin B12 are:

  • those older than 50
  • people who are taking metformin to treat diabetes
  • alcoholics
  • those who have undergone weight loss surgery for bariatrics.

If JavaBurn truly works to boost metabolism and fat-burning the effects of it would be observed in the final four ingredients:

  1. Extract of green tea
  2. Extracts of green coffee
  3. L carnitine
  4. L theanine

Although coffee is functional food that comes with health benefits, JavaBurn is actually a food supplement. It’s not food. Java Burn, like many diet supplements, does not require FDA certification, though there are rules that companies have to adhere to.

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Coffee Bean Compounds and Health Benefits

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Coffea robusta and the arabica variety make up the majority of coffee we drink, but different species are present like C. excelsa, and C. liberica. Coffee is the source of a variety of bioactive substances that are being investigated to determine their effects on health. A few of them are:

Caffeinestimulant/possibly memory enhancer/could aid the progression of Parkinson’s disease.
Chlorogenic acidsantioxidants/may help lower cholesterol levels as well as blood sugar levels
Cafestolcould reduce the bile acids
Caffeic acidantioxidant/anti-inflammatory effects/ may block cancer


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Coffee and Diabetes


When scientists study large numbers of people, they usually find that people who consume coffee have a lower risk to develop type II diabetes. This is the most prevalent type of this metabolic condition. A single cup per day could lower the risk of developing diabetes by nearly 10 percent. Consuming 3 cups of coffee per day is linked to an 25% decrease in the risk of developing diabetes. If you suffer from the type II form of diabetes it may lower the chance of dying from the disease.

Coffee Beans vs. Coffee Cherry

Coffee beans are contained in the coffee cherries. Coffee cherry, also known as coffee fruit, is thought to boost memory because of research that suggests that it may increase the levels of phosphatidylserine as well as brain-derived neuro (BDNF) which is a chemical which helps to grow brain cells. It’s also found in various supplements that contain nootropics. memory supplementation nutritional supplements.

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Coffee weight Loss Research

There’s good news for people who enjoy coffee Some research suggests that coffee drinkers could have an advantage in weight loss and fat burning. One study the conclusion was that drinking four cups of coffee daily led to an 3.7 percentage loss of body fat when compared to people who didn’t consume coffee.

Preliminary research also shows that substances in coffee called mannooligosaccharides may help people lose weight. When researchers gave men a beverage containing mannooligosaccharides, they lost more weight than men who did not consume mannooligosaccharides. Oddly though, mannooligosaccharides did not help women lose weight.

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Chlorogenic acid that is present inside the green coffee beans as well as other coffee beans has been suggested as an effective way to lose weight and reduce fat. This could be the reason why Java Burn Canada contains green coffee extract. The extract could be chlorogenic acid. JavaBurn is derived from the coffea arabica bean. Roasting coffee beans decreases the amount of chlorogenic acids found in coffee beans.

Java Burn Canada Weight Loss Proof

On the site to promote the supplements, it is said it’s claimed that JavaBurn “when coupled with coffee, has been scientifically proven to boost the speed and effectiveness of metabolism, resulting in unbeatable fat-burning results.” But is there research-based research that is scientifically backed by JavaBurn? If there is however, it’s impossible to find it.

There isn’t a mention of any clinical studies in the official JavaBurn website. JavaBurn’s web page of the JavaBurn web site. The site DOES provide a list of clinical studies but none of them involves JavaBurn. JavaBurn supplement. Most of the clinical studies are referring to the ingredients in JavaBurn.

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In fairness, the absence of evidence doesn’t suggest that JavaBurn isn’t working. There is studies on the ingredients found in JavaBurn. If the supplement is truly effective it could be due to one of these four ingredients:

  • Extracts of green tea
  • Extract of green coffee
  • L carnitine
  • L theanine

They could be the most important ingredients of JavaBurn.

Extract of Green Tea

Green tea is among the most sought-after drinks on Earth. It is a great supply of biologically active compounds, including catechins, caffeine (such like EGCG) L-theanine, chlorophyll, as well as minerals and vitamins. Although it is still a sought-after diet supplement, researchers aren’t sure whether it is beneficial or not.

At the very least one research has found that the catechins in green tea and caffeine enhanced metabolism of brown fatwhich is more efficient in burning calories than the less popular type, known as white fat. This is good, but in a different study the extract of green tea did not result in a 0.3 percentage drop in weight reduction when given to women who were overweight for three months. But, when researchers examined 25 previous studies that were conducted, they conclusively concluded that the extract of green tea (containing caffeine) led to the loss of four pounds of weight than those who were given the placebo.

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Additionally, research has shown that the extract of green tea known as EGCG boosts the energy expenditure (i.e. metabolism) by approximately 20% in males in cold weather. On the other hand there are other studies that have shown that green tea might be unable to aid in losing weight.

JavaBurn’s JavaBurn Supplement Facts label indicates that it is an extract of green tea leaf, however, it doesn’t specify the exact extract it has.

Green Coffee Extract

Similar to green tea The Supplement Facts label does not state the green coffee extract that is contained in Java Burn Canada. Although coffee is packed with bioactive compounds in relation to weight loss, chlorogenic acid and caffeine are popular among weight loss supplements and metabolic boosters.

Different studies have found positive and negative effects of Green coffee’s extract. A small amount of studies suggests that chlorogenic acids could boost the burning of fat after eating. However, burning fat doesn’t necessarily mean that it will help people lose weight.

Does green coffee extract aid in slim the waistline? According to a study that found overweight women and men who drank 6 ounces of chlorogenic acid-rich coffee for 12 weeks , weighed less and had less stomach fats, visceral fat and a slimmer waist circumference, as compared to those who didn’t consume coffee. In contrast to this, with other studies that show green coffee doesn’t work.

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L Carnitine

L carnitine is one of the types of amino acid found in the liver and kidneys. When it is made in the body, both niacin as well as vitamin C are required to produce it. Food sources that are rich in L carnitine are cheese and milk, and turkey, chicken, beef and even fish. L carnitine is a good choice as a weight loss supplement since it transports the fatty acids into mitochondria where they can be reduced to create energy. This means that L carnitine assists in burning fat.

A number of studies have demonstrated that L carnitine is effective in weight reduction and fat-burning for overweight individuals. However, the benefits could be restricted. According to a study article L carnitine only provided moderate reductions of 3-4 weight of body fat and fat. The advantages of L carnitine are the greatest for people who are overweight, as opposed to those who only need to shed the smallest amount of weight.

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L Theanine

The amino acid L theanine can be found in naturally found in green tea and mushrooms. It is well-known to have the ability to reduce stress. Studies have shown L theanine has been shown to decrease blood pressure. In the context of decreasing anxiety and stress 200-400 mg daily have produced positive results. In addition theanine is believed to increase cognitive alertness as well. When compared to those who are taking placebo 100 mg of L theanine is also proven to increase memory.

What countries are able to receive JavaBurn?

If you’re looking to test this metabolism booster, but are wondering which other countries besides those in the US it ships to you’re lucky since the company ships to all over the world with destinations that include Australia, London, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, West Africa, Greece and many more countries. Out of the 195 countries in Earth nearly every one of them has access to JavaBurn.

Java Burn Canada Price

If you are looking for the price of JavaBurn coffee costs, the price could vary in accordance with where you purchase it from. Prices vary from website to site but if you’re looking to get the most value it is best to buy it from the official site. The prices below are as of the time this review was written, but be sure to check the website regularly for any updates or special pricing. JavaBurn discounts:

  • 1 pouch (30 day supply): $49
  • 3 punches (90 day supply) $117 ($39 per pouch)
  • 6 pouches (6 month supply) $204 ($34 per pouch)

Shipping isn’t free, and the cost was $9.98 in addition to the purchase cost when the official site was last reviewed. There could be a difference when you go to the website.

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What is the flavor of Java Burn Canada Taste Like?

It’s flavorless This means that JavaBurn will not alter the flavor of the morning cup coffee you serve it with.

How Much Caffeine Does JavaBurn Have?

Caffeine isn’t listed among the ingredients. Although the supplement facts label lists coffee bean extract however, the company doesn’t provide a specific extraction from coffee they use. Is the extract of coffee chlorogenic acid? Is it caffeine or is it something else?

Do You Know of Any FDA Or FTC Red Flags?

When this review was written it was found that no issues were discovered to be arose between JavaBurn JavaBurn business and Food and Drug Administration or Federal Trade Commission. There were no warning letters to be found. In addition, no lawsuits nor class actions were found. This is a good thing because it could indicate that the company has developed an excellent product that is in compliance with the federal guidelines.

How Much Time Does It Take to Work?

There is no universal solution for this query. The company suggests that you give it between 90 and 180 days to achieve the best outcomes. Although it’s true that not all natural weight loss solutions can be effective overnight, bear in mind that this supplement has a 60-day return-to-purchase assurance.

Is Java Burn Canada Made in America?

The company claims it is JavaBurn coffee is produced in America. This is great, however it might not mean the exact same as “made by America.” As per the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) it is permissible for companies to claim that their products are manufactured in the USA in the event that it is “all or almost all” manufactured by the U.S. For JavaBurn this means the packaging and ingredients must be sourced from America. In a response to a question for clarification, the company said that the components in JavaBurn are made in the US and overseas. Take this into consideration when making a purchase decision if this is important to you. (

Who makes Java Burn Canada

To find out who is the manufacturer of this supplement , we’ll start by looking at an examination of Java Burn Canada Supplement Facts label that states it’s made in the United States by Adonis Lifestyle Inc. The address of Adonis Lifestyle Inc is 600 Pardee Rd Taylor Michigan 48180. Adonis Lifestyle Inc is also the name of the company that is listed for an insomnia and sleep supplement known as Resurge (see review). Adonis Lifestyle Inc is listed as a supplier for Resurge. Better Business Bureau gave Adonis Lifestyle Inc an A grade when it last checked. B in the last time they checked.

The company which owns the Java Burn Canada trademark is called Digital Health Solutions Inc ( which is located in the Caribbean island of Barbados. Digital Health Solutions Inc holds trademarks on other phrases and words including The Muscle Maximizer, and Yoga Burn.

Java Burn Canada Guarantee and Return Information

JavaBurn coffee comes with a 60-day return-to-purchase assurance. This is excellent, however but remember that two months may just not suffice to achieve your weight reduction goals. Some people will need some time. If you need to get your money back, the terms of sale state that you first need to send an email to the company at this address: The company will inform you the address to send your supplements. The JavaBurn customer service number was not available when we checked the website.

Refund Information

In order to be eligible to receive any refund The company must receive the request in 60 days of the date you place your order for JavaBurn. The guarantee begins the moment you place an order for the product.

but not until it is at your residence.


If you decide it’s not the right choice for you and you want your money returned, take note of these factors:

  • Return all the items you bought
  • Include your email address, name, and along with your Clickbank invoice email address.
  • Include your order’s number

When you return the item, think about adding a tracking system in case the package gets missing in your mail. Refunds are not inclusive of the cost of shipping and handling you incur when you send the item back. This is the norm. Contact Javaburn at to inquire about specific information on warranty and return policies.

Java Burn Canada Side Effects

There are no reported negative reactions that can be attributed to JavaBurn, however remember that even though its ingredients are studied but the supplement hasn’t been evaluated in a clinical manner. However, the company does say that there are no side effects observed. Here are some suggestions to reduce the risk of harmful reactions you could encounter if you decide to test this coffee metabolism booster supplement:

  • Start with less than what is recommended in the beginning of the week.
  • Be careful not to consume Java Burn Canada close to bedtime
  • Certain ingredients can be blood thinners. Talk to your doctor if are taking warfarin or other blood thinner medications or supplements
  • Stop taking JavaBurn and any other diet supplements at least 2 weeks prior to having surgery, unless your doctor advises you to do so.
  • Beware if you’re nursing or are pregnant.
  • Check with your doctor if have any health or medical concerns
  • The product is not intended for children who may already have an elevated metabolic rate

JavaBurn Coffee Pros & Cons

For its strengths as well as weaknesses, here are my views. You may have a different opinion.

Ingredients are subject to researchNo studies have been conducted regarding Java Burn Canada itself
TastelessThe specific extracts from green tea and coffee have not been identified.
There are no pills to takeSupport via email only
Non-GMO ingredients 
Third party tested for purity and potency 
1-time change, no auto-shipping 
Make use of only once in a day. 

Is Java Burn Canada Worth It?

Although I’m sure there numerous positive reviews from customers One question is whether JavaBurn is simply a pricey green tea supplement or if there’s else taking place? While I think that it can cause an increase in metabolism however, I’m not convinced that it can help people lose weight. If you do decide to try Java Burn Canada coffee, shop for the best price , and then compare it with the prices that are listed in their official web site.

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