Our walking, talking, raping O.C. nightmare is back: Jason Ara Erpinar appeared in court today, pleading guilty to raping two women he met online, and one who he happened to be dating, circa 2009.

He's shockingly young for a convicted rapist. Erpinar is now 22, making him only 20 years old during the attacks. Hence his young, outdated method of hunting victims: on MySpace. And hence his emo, Aliso Niguel High-bred scenester suit jacket and hair flip.

O.C. nightmares don't get much worse than this. Commenters on the original OC Weekly blog post had terrifying memories of Erpinar from high school:

“Dude thats crazy, we used to party all the time and pick up chicks and he never seemed like the abusive type.”

“Dude that kid made me piss my pants everytime he walked by the hall. He was so buff and muscular, and would always hit on my girlfriend M.”

“I am not surprised at all. I knew him back in high school and he was always a complete CREEPER. I feel bad for the girls he raped, and I would not be surprised if more victims came forward. Everyone called him Juice because of obvious reasons, and he was the joke of Orange County, (literally). Now the jokes on him. 45 years is not enough time in jail for him.”

“Im not surprised at all. He was the guy that would always try and hit on the girl at a party that could barely even walk. On top of that, he would feed them pills to make it easier for him. Im hope he gets charged for everything”

“Omg!! I hung out with this guy for like 2 weekends. He was nuts! He stole so much stuff from both my friends house that I later found out! He was constantly on myspace adding friends everyday trying to hit up my friends. … He was a user and he didn't care what lines he would cross to get what he wanted. He also drove my friends car while he was drunk, crashed, ran away, and left her with all of the problems. WHAT A TOOL!!”

“This is so sad. About 6 years ago on the trip SWAT people KNEW that he raped a girl, and after he raped her he sold her asprin saying it was xanax bars. This guy has been known to do this, I have seen him give girls free pills and have heard from people through out high school about rapes before this. This is so sad, no girl can ever forget this. I hope he gets sentenced to life.”

And on. And on. And on.

But prosecutors revealed more of the official details today, including that the two MySpace victims, 18 and 22 years old, had gone out on dates with Erpinar, where he got them drunk before raping them. (One woke up the next morning with a cracked tooth and multiple scrapes on her face.) The third woman, who was dating Erpinar at the time of the assault, claims her rape was statutory, as well.

Jason Erpinar's old MySpace photo.; Credit: MySpace

Jason Erpinar's old MySpace photo.; Credit: MySpace

He'll be sentenced with up to 15 years in state prison on Wednesday.

In the meantime, we made a point to creep his MySpace track record. Though his old profile has been removed, a tiny version of his user pic (enlarged, right) still exists in the MySpace database, where he's listed as a 22-year-old Laguna Niguel resident. He appears just as emo/scenester as in his mug shot — and love-strangling some poor girl, to boot.

Scarier still is that another Jason Erpinar, listed instead as a 25-year-old Laguna Niguel resident, exists in the database as well. Just like a MySpace rapist, to create multiple accounts under which to better creep his victims!

Tell us: Did you know Erpinar from his days at Aliso Niguel? Not that we don't have enough details to flesh out our O.C. nightmare already.


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