KFI's Eric Leonard has the strange scoop that the brutal killing and grotesque disfigurement of Jasmine Fiore now involves a new twist: she was romantically involved with a California prisoner and just a few days before her killing picked him up and drove him home.

The unidentified prisoner, apparently just released from behind bars, “'was in

prison on felony evading and drug charges, according to state records,

and volunteered to speak to detectives as soon as Fiore's death became

public,” Leonard reports.

It does not look like this unidentified boyfriend is a suspect in the case, in which police have acknowledged Fiore's teeth were knocked out and her fingers cut off to prevent identification of her body. 


Meanwhile, TMZ reported today that police believe Fiore was strangled

last Friday, one week ago, and “surveillance video shows [ex-boyfriend Ryan] Jenkins leaving a hotel with a suitcase that may have been the receptacle for Fiore's body.”

Buena Park detectives searched the L'Auberge Del Mar Hotel near San Diego, but TMZ reports the cops found no blood or other evidence of her mutilation.

Meanwhile, the apparently wealthy fugitive sought for her murder, Ryan Jenkins, has left a trail of high-end vehicles behind him. Authorities found his abandoned boat in waters near the Canadian border, and are still seeking his white Mercedes Benz.

It seems this young woman in search of fame also left a trail of boyfriends, although police believe Jenkins alone is responsible for her gruesome murder. In addition to her ex-con boyfriend in San Diego, unearthed today by KFI, Fiore had sent several text messages to Robert Hasman, a former boyfriend in Las Vegas, asking to see him shortly before she vanished.

With all the media buzz over this case, it does make you pause to wonder if she was slain by a man who tried to own her. With a boyfriend just out of prison, and a former boyfriend still a friend in Las Vegas, was Fiore's other boyfriend Ryan Jenkins simply not going to allow her to move on in life?

LA Weekly