The Jamie Oliver saga continues, played out — as it has been since the British chef and television star first came to Los Angeles — in the media more than in any school, cafeteria or kitchen. Oliver and new LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy sat down together finally last night. On the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thus the cameras were running to record (um, validate?) the results. As you doubtless recall, Oliver moved his family and his ABC television crew to L.A. earlier this year to film the second season of his Food Revolution, and promptly spent most of his time fighting with the LAUSD, which refused to allow him to film in their schools. The show has been airing anyway, documenting this drama as much as the drama in the kitchen and on the plate. The Kimmel episode is really funny, in a Dr. Phil kind of way. “So you guys are dating now, right?” asked Kimmel.

Deasy and Oliver sat on the couch and played well together. See part one on YouTube (above), and part two here. Deasy agreed that flavored milk (which Oliver has particularly vilified) is a bad thing to serve schoolkids, and said that he will recommend its ban to the board of education by July. Is this a moral victory for one or both men? For the rest of us and, most importantly, the kids in question? For Kimmel? For Ryan Seacrest? Tune in next week.

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