As just reported by Dennis Romero on our news blog, The Informer, James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond was apprehended this morning in New York.

Rosemond was collared this morning after a foot chase near Park Avenue and 21st St., a federal official told the Weekly. The man who manages L.A. gangsta rapper Game had been hiding out not far away at the W Hotel, we were told.

Last week, Dexter Isaac claimed he was hired and paid $2500 by Rosemond for the November 30, 1994, attack on Tupac Shakur that led to the East-West Coast rap feud that left both Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. dead.

However, a fugitive warrant had been out on Rosemond since May for his alleged involvement in a cocaine distribution ring. According to the official affidavit:

Since at least 2009, the DEA and Internal Revenue Service has been investigating a large-scale, bi-coastal narcotics-trafficking organization that shipped cocaine from the Los Angeles area to the New York City Metropolitan, and that, in turn shipped proceeds of narcotics sales back to Los Angeles. DEA and IRS agents have gathered extensive evidence demonstrating that James Rosemond was the principal leader of this organization.

Agents believe the “Rosemond Organization” has distributed hundreds of kilograms of coke, resulting in a profit of millions of dollars. Allegedly, Rosemond's team sent cocaine from L.A. to New York using FedEx and UPS, and then sent mustard-covered cash (to avoid being sniffed out by the K-9 Patrol) back to L.A.

Looks like someone's house of cards is tumbling down.

LA Weekly