It looks like reality show footage produced by actor James Franco during his time on the USC campus in 2010 is coming to fruition.

The renaissance man who has written a book, taught poetry as a post-graduate and starred in major Hollywood roles — none of which he's apparently done very well — takes on his own reality show this week with the debut of …


James Franco on WhoSay

The web series that rolls out new episodes at 8 p.m. Thursdays appears to follow some foul-mouthed, beer-sloshed, privileged USC students around as they party.

It's Jersey Shore, L.A.-style. Or, perhaps, shit white kids in L.A. say.

It's obviously meant to show young American hubris, yet it's a world that Franco readily inhabits and, at least here, intends to profit (in money or fame) from.

And, on that subject, doesn't New York, where Franco has been studying and teaching at places like Columbia and NYU, have any disgusting college douches to make fun of? Or are all the airheads only in L.A?



Targeting the shallowness of USC undergrads fresh out of their moms' Mercedes SUVs is too easy. This will surely make Jersey Shore look like Downton Abbey. But, yeah, keep your nose pinched, Jimmy.

James Franco's a self-absorbed tool. He's the new Zooey Deschanel. Backlash anyone?

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