That discovery of a body in a Cadillac Escalade in the Fairfax District last weekend has cops looking for a “person of interest” named Jacob Anthonisen, an apparent party boy who has gone missing.

The dead man inside the car, which had been sitting there for about a week until the stench prompted neighbors to call authorities, was identified by cops last night as 32-year-old Steven John Simmons of Running Springs, near Big Bear.

CBS Los Angeles said that Simmons …

… was the stepbrother of Anthonisen — and that Anthonisen has been reported missing.

The black SUV belongs to the latter, the station reported.

Anthonisen presents himself on Facebook and Twitter as a man about town. He has posted Instagram photos of Lindsay Lohan and pop artist Mickey Avalon and, in another picture, he posed with Mike Tyson. Some of his friends include DJs.

Anthonisen with Mike Tyson.; Credit: @WehoDaily

Anthonisen with Mike Tyson.; Credit: @WehoDaily

On his Facebook page he calls himself the owner of The Peanut Gallery, an art business with a presence in Los Angeles and New York. However, when CBS Los Angeles sent a reporter to track down the gallery, apparently in the downtown Arts District, he couldn't find it.

Likewise, at his last known address, a landlord told the station Anthonisen had been evicted years ago for allegedly failing to pay rent.

In an older status update on Facebook, Anthonisen writes:

Credit: @jacobanthonisen

Credit: @jacobanthonisen

Drugs and alcohol are never the answer. Unless the question is “What do you want to do this weekend?”

Simmons; Credit: LAPD

Simmons; Credit: LAPD

Simmons body was found about 11 a.m. Saturday in the SUV, which had been parked near Willoughby and Genessee avenues.

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A statement from the LAPD last night says the coroner's office determined Simmons' cause of death was a gunshot wound. The department goes on to say:

At this time, Robbery-Homicide Division is looking to speak with a person of interest named Jacob Anthonisen.

Got info? Call the cops at 213-486-6890.

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