The days of the blonde bombshell, an archetype perhaps best promoted and exploited by L.A.'s own perpetual ladies' man, Hugh Hefner, might finally be numbered.

And once again it's Los Angeles that is leading the way. The rest of the nation is catching up with SoCal's long-standing dating preferences.

The most desired single woman in America is …

… Asian American.

So says dating app, which analyzed 2.4 million interactions among its daters to discover that women of Asian descent were the most desired of the female population by all guys except one type:

Asian American men. They preferred Latinas, AYI says. Go figure.

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The white guy is the Asian American of men: All the ladies love him except for one kind: The African American woman, who would prefer almost anyone but a perfectly good white boy, AYI says.

Credit: hulagal87 / Flickr

Credit: hulagal87 / Flickr

The Caucasian male, by the way, digs all the ladies except — you guessed it — the white girl!

The moral of this story is that we hate ourselves. Like we said, welcome to our world, America.

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