It’s the Witching Season for Apashe: Electronic artist Apashe says that his early introduction into DJing and production is a little vague.

“The first time I opened a production software (Fruity Loops 3.56) I was around 9, my sister installed it on the family’s computer,” he says. “I remember messing around, I still have those horrible exports today. It wasn’t until around the ages 14 through 17 that I slowly got more into it. My consumption of video games faded and instead I started ‘playing’ producer more. Then around the age of 17 or 18 I started DJ-ing simply because I needed to in order to perform my music.”

He describes his sound as a mixture of orchestral and electronic with elements of hip-hop and pop.

“I really have just tried to make some bad ass records,” he says. “Also love to go on sonic adventures where I feel not many have sailed. Basically I have no idea what I’m doing, not following any rule nor any genre. I go with my daily inspirations and I love to record instruments to bring some more life to my records.”

Apashe’s new single, perfectly in time for Halloween, is “Witch.”

“I’m a huge fan of Danny Elfman who’s to me the best film composer ever,” he says. “He wrote a bunch of really creepy soundtracks (Edward Scissorhands, Batman, Beetlejuice etc..). He wrote for most of Tim Burton’s movies. Growing up I was fascinated with his music. Ever since then I’ve always wanted to make a creepy orchestral record with a dance flavour. I discovered Alina Pash and felt like mixing her ‘witchy’ aura with my sound could fulfill all these desires. Then once the song was made we had to go to Kyiv where she lives and shoot a music video. While talking to her the idea of making a sci fi, feministic, creepy music video came up. It goes along the lines of both our values and it’s funny yet dark and creepy. I loved to pretend to be the ‘bad’ guy who burns witches and she is just playing herself.”

The artist says that he’ll be playing in Budapest on Halloween.

“I really need to find a cool creepy outfit,” he says. “Especially after releasing a creepy video. Now I need to deliver.”

Looking ahead, Apashe has plenty more planned for the remainder of this year and going into 2022.

“Since I just released an EP I will very likely have a follow with a remix pack,” he says. “Now after that I have a bunch of collabs in store, actually way too many and I don’t know how to release those. Also I’m planning a second EP with a secret collaborator and it’s gonna come out with a bunch of other music videos. Gonna have to sort all of that while playing shows in between the US and Europe.”

It’s the Witching Season for Apashe: Apashe’s “Witch” single and I Killed the Orchestra EP are out now.

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