According to one Facebook group it's “Take No Shit Day.”

So far more than 340,000 people have signed up in order to be a part of this excremental rejection.

So congratulations for declaring your independence.

But we have a few questions:

If your boss tells you to work a few extra hours, are you really going to take no shit?

If a cop attempts to pull you over are you actually going to take no shit?

If your mom tells you you better send a card to dad for Father's Day, you're still going to assume a no-shit-taking stance? Really?

When you come crying to us about all the shit you actually took despite your brave position on the matter, we'll invite you to “I Don't Give a Fuck Day,” which is Saturday (with more than 200,000 and counting).

Then we'll start a “No More Stupid Days Day” on FB. Which will happen everyday.


LA Weekly