Nutella is the sort of clandestine (or not) addiction that crosses cultural and national lines. It unites sugar-deprived food bloggers, Austrian-trained pastry chefs, expat Americans, French restaurateurs, small children and even Italian politicians. And next Tuesday at noon, we learn from OC Weekly, it could mean your ticket to a month of free crepes from the OC-based food truck Crepes Bonaparte.

It seems that, other than paying a $5 fee (which includes a free crepe), all you need to do is polish off a jar of Nutella. Big deal. Some of us do that for breakfast. Some of us have small children who do that for breakfast too, although that's supposed to be a family secret.

If you don't win the contest, you can console yourself by buying a case of the stuff super cheap in Altadena. (Practice for next year, maybe.) Or hit up a few of the many restaurants around this town that often include Nutella on their menus. And the next time you see Alain Giraud, ask him what he's doing with Nutella these days. Bound to be good. The dish. The answer.

Nutella Eating Contest: hosted by Crepes Bonaparte, Sycamore and Civic Center Drive, Santa Ana. Tuesday, November 2nd at noon.

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