Non Credo might be just a duo but they can stir up a universe of adventurously strange sounds, from exotic art-pop chansons and febrile orchestral passages to disciplined free-jazz improvisations and darkly twisted cabaret balladry. With her acrobatic, operatic vocals, Kira Vollman does the singing, while Joe Berardi (The Fibonaccis, Lydia Lunch, The Deadbeats, Double Naught Spy Car) lays down the drums, but both manipulate a wide variety of instruments, including “broken-down keyboards, cheap electronics and altered children’s toys.” Non Credo’s most recent album, 2006’s Impropera, an “improvised, improper, importuned imp opera,” was distinguished by restlessly foreboding arrangements leavened with Vollman’s eerily ethereal and serpentine vocals. It’s OK! is a harder-rocking contrast, with Redd Kross guitarist Robert Hecker raining glittery glam-rock solos over singer Ellen Rooney’s soulful power-pop entreaties.

Sat., Nov. 29, 9 p.m., 2014
(Expired: 11/29/14)

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