Never let the facts get in the way of a good stereotype.

Here in L.A., the traffic capital of America, we spend a lot of time examining the demographics of bad drivers: Undocumented workers in beat-up pickups? Cranky old white men in oversize Cadilllacs? Koreans? Jews? Yuppies? Transgender people? Women talking on the phone? Take your pick, just don't say ladies, overall, comprise the less-skilled sex on the road.

The 4autoinsurancequote website crunched the numbers and concluded that females got skills on wheels:

-In New York, 80 percent of serious injury accidents involve men.

-Female drivers were 27 percent less likely to be found at fault in accidents.

-And men are three times as likely to get a DUI or be cited for reckless driving.

Traffic tickets go to men far more often, according to the data. As such, the unfairer sex pays more for auto insurance (see the breakdown here) — about $200 a year extra, according to the site.

You can't argue with the accident stats, but tickets and DUIs are a different matter:

Who doesn't know a hot chick who hasn't talked her way out of a ticket? It just doesn't work for us guys, even if we're wearing a skirt (don't try this at home, dudes).

And, frankly, men drink more than women: Not at a 3-to-1 ratio, but we think drunk girls can be just as persuasive, if not more so, than sober ones when pulled over.

This contest ain't over. We want a rematch.

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