Yesterday we told you that the LAPD was gearing up for this afternoon's opening game against the Pirates at Dodger Stadium.

Cops will be swarming the venue, the parking lots and even surrounding parks in an effort to prevent the kind of opening-day violence the befell Giants fan Bryan Stow last year. He was beaten and put into a coma.

One of the more ingenious moves by officers this time around?

Undercover cops will be dressing like pirates. Well, not just any pirates, but Pittsburgh Pirates fans.

That according to what Deputy Chief Jose Perez Jr. told CBS2. Cops want “to see if anybody is going to attack those officers.”

Or give them treasure.

Another 60 cops are in bikes outside the stadium, and yet others are on horseback, according to the LAPD.

But nothing says “punch me” (or “punch line”) like dressing up in the opposing team's colors.

Genius. The LAPD should use this strategy to fight crime across the city. Cops shoud:

-Dress like Hollywood superheroes, stand on the boulevard, and get into fights with other superheroes.

-Get Mara Salvatrucha tattoos and stand around in 18th Street territory.

-Transform into Lindsay Lohan characters to get ripped off by shady, club-hopping coke dealers.

-Drink 40s outside Home Depot, get picked up by rich Westsiders for back-breaking yard work, get stiffed.

Everyday is Halloween in L.A.

[With reporting from City News Service / @dennisjromero / djromero@laweekly.com / @LAWeeklyNews]

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