Eddie Solis doesn't mess around. If he's not up at the Southern Lord Records offices in East Hollywood working the drone, black, dark, avant, speed, and proto metal that one of Los Angeles' best labels trades in, he's down the street at the Relax Bar. There, he books the four- and five-band bills of drone, black, dark, speed, and proto metal (and all sorts of aural wildness).

And then there's It's Casual, the sonic manifestation of his workmanlike ethic: Solis is a business man. He gets shit done.

Last month the two-piece released the new video for its furious song, “The New Los Angeles,” from the band's album of the same name. Their third, The New Los Angeles offers no bullshit guitar rock, the kind that lives in the space where metal and punk converge, where Black Flag's My War, Motorhead's Ace of Spades and Discharge's Why? collide and explode into a fireball. Solis and his bandmate, who goes by the name of W.C.E. ( and plays “drums/bass/guitar/headaches”), accomplish more with two than most bands accomplish with five. The video was directed by RoboShobo, aka Robert Shober, who's done high-profile work with artists as varied as Metallica (“All Nightmare Long”) and the B-52s (“Funplex”).

It's Casual “Landspeeder” 8.9.07

Eddie Solis and It's Casual in 2007

The band's next big show is on August 7 at the Viper Room, where they'll play with Mondo Generator and Turbonegra. (Yowza, that should be a beast of a show.)

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