Unlike Israel's stodgy old prime minister, President Shimon Peres is one with Gen Y.

On his wild trip to California, Peres has far surpassed the call of duty to schmooze with rich Jews. (Though he's done plenty of that, too.)

Apparently unphased by Occupy San Francisco protesters and a vandalized Israeli flag at UC Riverside, he's opened his heart to the common man with a brand-new Facebook page

… and, best of all, an accompanying dubstep music video called “Be My Friend for Peace.” Yes, it's as amazing as it sounds.

It's hard to pick a highlight, but we're going to go with 1:21, when the wah-wah-wah drops and Peres says, “We used to be the people of the book. Now we became the people of the Facebook!”

To which a robot voice calls back, “Much better.” (So basically it's just one big advertisement for Zuckerberg and Co. — but admittedly, Facebook has become less of a brand and more a way of life. One which the Jewish state apparently embraces, with absolute sincerity!)

Peres migrated yesterday from Silicon Valley down to Los Angeles, where he spoke with CNN at the Beverly Hilton. Every local politician and his mother was there, though Twitter reports indicate that L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa snuck out early, despite recent efforts to unite Jews and Latinos for total world domination.

At the Hilton — a wild stop in its own right, considering recent bathtub shenanigans — Peres spoke cautiously about relations with Iran. The Jewish Journal interpreted him as “advocating patience,” wheres the news wire went with “Peres tells SoCal audience if diplomacy fails, Israel will take 'other options'.”

Today, Peres will reportedly meet with the staff of DreamWorks in Glendale to discuss “the vital connection between Hollywood and education, including how the two can align to promote peace and tolerance.”

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