If you're a fan of Montreal art pop band Islands, who floored us twice this spring at various festivals, you may want to take a half day today, or at least take a long lunch in Santa Monica. The band, who are touring in support of their newly released Arm's Way, are playing at 1 p.m. today at the Apple Store at the Third Street Promenade (a rare instance of rock action on the west side). Which, you know, would be cool and everything, we guess — though, really, a little odd to see a band in the hyper-clean Apple atmosphere. The Counting Crows did a similar gig at The Grove a few months back. We didn't go. It's hard for us to imagine anyone really letting loose at an Apple Store. Since we're in Hollywood this morning, a journey west will have to wait.

(This unauthorized video of Islands' “Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby” was made by the great Ben Jones of Paperrad fame)

But that's a relatively easy call to make, because the real action will be happening tonight at the Low End Theory, when Islands frontman Nick Diamonds takes off his makeup, assumes his real last name (Thorburn) and gets behind the turntable with partner Jamie Thompson to become Th' Corn Ganng. The link that connects Diamonds' old band, Unicorns, with Islands is said Gangg, a beat-based project most known for remixing Beck. They've also worked with LA stalwart Busdriver (both are on the Anti- imprint), and pop up from time to time to get the party started.

They'll do that tonight at the Airliner downtown. Specifically — and this sounds fantastic: “On Wednesday, June 18th, Low End Theory presents a night of cosmic significance. For the first time in years, Th' Corn Gangg (led by Nick Thorburn and Jamie Thompson) will hit the stage, joined by Busdriver, 2Mex and members of Islands for an all-out sonic assault. Subharmonic reinforcement by L.A.'s finest, Pure Filth Soundsystem. Plus residents Daddy Kev, Nobody, D-Styles and Nocando.”

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