Hot on the heels of reports that Lindsay Lohan has dissed L.A. in favor of New York, some on the Los Angeles Police Department force who come into contact with her regularly are saying they're worried about the actress' strange behavior.

Hating on L.A. is not a crime. But TMZ reports that some of those L.A. cops reported observing “erratic behavior” and “attitude” coming from Lohan in recent months, with things getting worse in more recent days. Cops even considered taking her in for a psychiatric evaluation following one of her “crazier” nights on the town.

Such a 5150 hold would allow authorities to lock up Lohan for 72 hours of observation. But cops, who often help her navigate paparazzi when she comes home after a long night out, didn't feel they saw enough to legally lock her up under the state law.

What about her anti-L.A. sentiment? Temporary insanity? After ditching a West Hollywood club that wouldn't let her cut in line earlier this month, Lohan tweeted, “”I pick new york jus like Jay Z …”

So why is she still here, walking around with white powder on her feet? One can only conclude that Lohan is indeed crazy — crazy for L.A.

LA Weekly