L.A. Live, the Staples Center-adjacent concrete campus that includes the Nokia Theater, the Grammy Museum, the ESPN Zone restaurant, movie theaters and, now, two luxury hotels, is an architectural disaster, at least according to one blog.

LA Eastside argues that the development, which benefits from city loans, public tax subsidies, and the demolition of a downtown barrio, should be added to any list of Los Angeles eyesores. “It's just another way to waste your money … dressed up in pretty little lights,” states the site.

LA Eastside calls out the mall's holiday-like tree lights, “supergraphic” advertisements, and lifeless atmosphere after 9:30 p.m. Laments include: “Steel contraptions. Bright screens. Corporate messages. Invisible ghost trees. Getting us ready for our dystopian future.”

“If they carried t-shirts that said 'My Mayor Looted Our Public Funds And All I Got Was This Lousy Totalitarian Concrete Park' then maybe I'd check out the gift shop,” writes LA Eastside's “El Chavo.”

What do you think of LA Live?

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