It's Thanksgiving Eve. Like many Americans, tomorrow we'll be sitting on metal folding chairs wedged between relatives who think it's perfectly acceptable to serve cranberry sauce still in its canned shape. Get in the mood for family drama at Upright Citizen's Brigade's annual Thanksgiving Feast Show. It's the brainchild of Alex Fernie (pictured), who's assembled some top comedy pals to improvise an actual Thanksgiving dinner onstage, promising “creepy uncles, troubled teenagers and doddering grandparents.” What's the format? Fernie tells us: “You know how family Thanksgiving dinners inevitably descend into awkwardness and chaos? That's pretty much the format. A bunch of talented comedians playing a big, dysfunctional family gathered around the table to give thanks, argue and tell everyone how disappointed they are in each other. In the past we've seen a crazy uncle pull a gun, an impromptu and unasked-for baptism, and what happens when a person eats a Thanksgiving meal consisting entirely of marshmallows and tequila. Also, we give food to the audience. So watching a bunch of strangers descend upon free stuffing and pie continues to be a highlight for me as well.” Will there be tears? “There is a 100% chance of tears,” he says. “And about a 40% chance of cider. It's impossible to get good cider in Los Angeles.” With Alex Berg, Ben Schwartz, Deborah Tarica, Drew Difonzo Marks, Neil Campbell, Julie Brister, Suzi Barrett and Todd Fasen.

Wed., Nov. 24, 8 p.m., 2010

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