Swimming pools, movie stars … and cheapskates. We always said rich people don't get that way by being loose with their pocketbooks. A survey by spending-data site Bundle might confirm that fact: Although its real estate values often rank at the top of national lists, Beverly Hills ranked a measly 17th in its look at “25 Big-Spending Suburbs.”

Bundle looked at household spending. The average B.H. family spends $99,624 a year. Not bad, but it was a low enough number to put the gilded city on the bottom half of the list. It's certainly not Kenilworth, Ill. money: That community ranked number one with $150,340 in outgoing household cash. Interestingly, ultra-rich Newport Beach also ranked surprisingly low (24th), with $83,527 in spending.

SoCal also had a few other communities on the list … of lowest spenders. North Hollywood rounded out the top 10 cheapest suburbs with $26,598 in household outflow. Garden Grove ranked fourth at $23,754. And Oceanside in San Diego County hit fifth on that last with $24,193.

Of course, it's strange to call Beverly Hills a suburb. It's a city deep inside the bustling urban basin of Los Angeles, surrounded by West Hollywood, West L.A., Beverlywood and Carthay. Sunset, Santa Monica, Wilshire and Olympic boulevards pass through it. A gang, the Playboy Gangster Crips, claims turf just one mile to the south.

[Spotted at LABizObserved].

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