Is Ayurvedic Skin Care And Hair Products The New Holy Grail Of Self Care Routines? Sheetal Rawal Of Apsara Skin Care Shares Insights

The beauty industry has recently experienced a growing demand for natural and organic products, especially skin and hair care. As people become more aware of the possible damage from harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients, they choose holistic and natural self-care options. This makes Ayurvedic skin care and hair care products, rooted in ancient Indian healing and wellness practices, increasingly popular in the industry.

According to a recent report, the Ayurvedic personal products market will grow 16.09% for the forecast period of 2021 to 2028 due to an increase in awareness regarding the benefits of Ayurvedic medicines and personal care products. One woman pioneering and advocating this new approach in natural skin care is Sheetal Rawal.

Apsara Skin Care has been making its name known in the beauty and personal care industry. Anchored on Sheetal’s personal experience and expertise as a human genetics scientist, the Ayurvedic skin care brand is a testament to how she champions the use of all-natural ingredients to achieve the next best effective skin care routine.

Understanding Ayurvedic skin care

The rising trend in natural skin care has made people more curious about the best Ayurvedic skin care brands in the market. Sheetal shares that the Ayurvedic principle came from Ayurveda, which is a system of health & well-being that emerged in India over 5,000 years ago. It is an ancient Indian science emphasizing balance and harmony in one’s mind, body, and spirit. It has been used for thousands of years to promote overall wellness, including healthy skin and hair.

Sheetal explains that the core of Ayurveda is using natural ingredients, such as herbs, flowers, and oils, which are carefully chosen according to their specific properties and are believed to work harmoniously with the body to promote healthy skin and hair. Ayurvedic principles show that when these three elements are in harmony, people experience optimal health and well-being.

According to Sheetal, Ayurveda recognizes the connection between the mind and the body and emphasizes the importance of managing stress and emotions for overall wellness. Ayurvedic skin care and hair care products often include ingredients that promote relaxation and calmness, such as lavender and chamomile. 

The benefits of Ayurvedic skin care and hair care

The benefits of Ayurvedic are quickly making it the new holy grail of self-care routines. According to Sheetal, using natural and organic ingredients is a major advantage, as it ensures that these products are gentle on the skin and scalp, without any harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

Sheetal elaborates, “Natural ingredients have significant empirical evidence to prove their efficacy and safety. Many of these ingredients have been scientifically studied to work wonders. Therefore I do not see any need to use harsh chemicals to achieve skin or hair goals. It is wise to turn to time-tested ingredients and let nature transform people’s personal care routine.”

Ayurvedic skin care and hair care products are also tailored to individual needs, taking into account unique mind-body constitutions to address specific skin and hair concerns. This personalized approach guarantees that each person receives the best possible results.

Moreover, Sheetal mentions that Ayurvedic skin and hair care take a holistic approach to beauty by addressing imbalances. With Ayurvedic products, one can combat common concerns such as acne, fine lines, and hair fall, while also improving overall health and well-being.

Sheetal’s personal experience with Ayurveda

Sheetal’s interest in natural ingredients dates back to her pre-teen years when she had a desire for smooth skin and a curiosity to mix various spices and herbs to concoct interesting skin care remedies. “Many of the ingredients I used came straight out of my kitchen cabinets, and products made with these were literally good enough to eat! Their everyday results as skin care aids were outstanding,” explains Sheetal.

Sheetal’s journey began when she moved from New Delhi to the US and started experiencing unusual breakouts on her skin. This prompted her to research and experiment with Ayurvedic ingredients to find a solution. Over time, she discovered her natural affinity for working with these ingredients and used her extensive laboratory experience to create her own products.

Transforming her kitchen into a makeshift laboratory, Sheetal carefully organized essential oils, herbal extracts, waxes, tinctures, and other natural ingredients. Her dedication and innovation led her to create a Jojoba Facial Serum and a Sulfur Facial Mask, which she initially made for personal use. These products effectively treated her acne and left her with radiant skin.

Inspired by the success of her creations, Sheetal gained more confidence in the power of Ayurvedic ingredients. She ultimately decided to leave her laboratory job to fully dedicate herself to her newfound passion for Ayurvedic skin and hair care. Since then, she has been tirelessly working to develop and promote Ayurvedic products that can help others naturally achieve healthy and beautiful skin and hair.

“As my concoctions in the home lab materialized into ones with real potential, I felt my heart drawn towards continuing to formulate. So I continued for more,” Sheetal shares.

Apsara Skin Care’s vision

Sheetal envisions Apsara Skin Care as the beauty industry’s trailblazer, utilizing the best Ayurvedic ingredients for healthy skin and hair until it becomes a household concept.

“Our continued mission is to offer high-quality products to consumers that are as natural as possible. We would like them all to look and feel like Apsaras (a Sanskrit word meaning a woman of unsurpassed beauty) through our naturally made, well-thought-of, and time-tested products,” Sheetal mentions.

In today’s world, food, environmental factors, and personal care products have been negatively impacted by the relentless pace of modern society. Sheetal advocates for the integration of natural ingredients into everyday routines, such as skin care, to counteract these effects and promote overall well-being. As expressed in Apsara Skin Care’s tagline, “Go natural. It is good karma,” Sheetal believes that embracing natural solutions will bring significant benefits and improved health for those who adopt this approach.

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