Is legit? Our review what we really think about some online steroid stores

Hey guys, I’m just sharing my experience with in case it can help out any one of you who happen to find themselves in a similar position as me. 

So, about me, I’m a total fanatic when it comes to sports and fitness. I’ve been a certified personal trainer for like, forever, and I used to be part of the bodybuilding crew. 

I’ve had my share of experiences with good and bad suppliers. I’m hoping this little write-up will help prevent others from going through the same frustrating process I did at the start of my supplier search. 

Anyway, let me give you the low down about my first encounter with In all realness, they completely came to my rescue when I needed it, and they’ve been killing it ever since. 

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Reason? I had to ditch my old supplier

I used to be reliant on this one site for all my gear and I had stuck with them for quite a while since they never let me down before.

But lately, their shipping game has been slacking. Like, I’d be waiting for my order for like a week or two longer than usual which isn’t cool. It was starting to stress me out.

Then it happened – my package didn’t even arrive! I tried to hit up their customer care like I did the last time things got late, but they never hit me back. I even sent another email and still no replies. You can bet I was pissed.

They played me. So now I’m back on the hunt for a good site to get my stuff from. I screwed up and didn’t do proper research last time, and now I’m paying for it. 

Where to start scoring steroids online?

You got it – Google is the easiest place to start. But let me tell you, with the number of sites to go through, it’s tough to separate the good from the bad. So, I made a shortlist of the sites that had it all – good product selection, US shipping, and not too pricey.

I went through each one, making sure they ticked off all the boxes. Firstly, that they actually had products in stock so I wouldn’t be waiting a gazillion years for shipping. Second, that they had a good shipping guarantee in case my stuff never showed up or was damaged. Third, they had safe payment options that were super easy to get refunded if anything went wrong. And last, they had actual human beings for customer support

If a site didn’t match all my criteria was ruled out. And, the top three sites left on my list were, Hulkroids, and

I did my research before getting involved with a new roids supplier

Ran a quick Google search for “ review” cause you’ve got to know what you’re getting into. I know the reviews can be faked but at least they give you some kinda clue about how the stores operate.

I checked out some reviews to get the general info on each site. If you haven’t heard of it, is the spot to be for sourcing reviews. They have a ton of helpful feedback that I dove deep into.

After reading through a bunch of reviews and some fitness forums, I came to the decision that was a legit source. And thankfully enough Alpha is the brand I usually go for anyway. 

The crucial part is that they have decent shipping times, several payment options and a massive selection of products.

Now guys, payment options 100% matter and let me tell you why. A lot of these steroid stores only take crypto, which is cool if you’ve built trust with the seller and know you’re getting quality stuff. But for me, I stick to sellers who offer credit card payments. None of those sketchy payment methods that tell you to buy crypto on some random exchange. That’s just asking for trouble. 

Another thing I did before I went ahead and bought anything from them was message their customer service team. I requested real stock photos to make sure they actually had them in. I was also assessing their response times for any future chats we may have. 

Ordering from Alpha-Pharma.Biz 

The order process was easy. They sent me a link to pay with my credit card which is great. I can get a refund if they don’t deliver or if the products are fake or expired. 

I got a tracking code two days later, but it took another couple days before I could actually use it. Then tracked my package all the way to my doorstep. It took exactly 11 days to get to New York in good condition, no damaged pills or anything.

I’ve ordered from them twice more since then without any problems. I also tried other brands from their site, all good stuff. I’m attaching my second order picture.

Screenshot 2024 04 09 at 5.30.54 PM

Hope this helps someone out there looking for a decent supplier. I know what it’s like being scammed so if I can help others avoid this in any way, I’m happy to help.

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