Craigslist earned a bad reputation for late-night transactions after a suspect dubbed the “Craigslist Killer” allegedly struck an escort in the Boston area in 2009. The site took down its “erotic services” ads.

Authorities say a transaction claimed another victim over the weekend. This one lived and was only out $500, the price of an iPhone he intended to buy.

The victim contacted a purported seller via Craigslist and …

… met up in Temple City Saturday, a sheriff's official said.

The buyer, however, didn't get a nice iPhone. Rather he was treated to an eyeful of handgun behind a Carl's Jr.

The suspect took the money and ran.

No description was available.

Craigslist has become the de facto marketplace for used iPhones, often sold by folks who upgrade.

The upside of getting a used iPhone is that they can often be used with providers other than AT&T, sometimes at cheaper rates.

Unfortunately, this guy didn't save any money.

LA Weekly