The apparently homeless squatter whom Councilman Richard Alarcon blamed for driving him from home and district has apparently struck again. Alarcon says he found the same man who allegedly tore up the house last year back inside Thursday.

“I knew instantly who it was,” Alarcon said. “It was the same guy who did it back in October.”

Alarcon blamed the October break in for his temporary move down the street — and outside his district. He apparently also lived in a home owned by his wife that was not far from Panorama City house. Alarcon even once unsuccessfully tried to get that second home included in his district.

Unfortunately for him, council members cannot live outside their districts; it's illegal. The District Attorney's office opened an investigation of Alarcon's residential situation.

Neighbors told the Los Angeles Times that Alarcon had not been seeing living in the Panorama City site of the break-ins for some time. The place appeared to be run down, too.

Here's a tip, councilman: Use some of that record-high salary you get and fix the place up. (And then move in — for real).

LA Weekly