Introducing Reiki Fur Babies Unveils Its Holistic Healing for Pets

Reiki Fur Babies, a pioneering venture founded by Candy Boroditsky and Dr. Ming Chee, has announced its official launch, offering a unique blend of Reiki healing services for both pets and their human companions. This innovative initiative aims to foster a deeper bond between individuals and their cherished four-legged family members through the ancient Japanese technique of energy healing known as Reiki.

Reiki Fur Babies embarks on a mission encapsulated in its tagline – “Healing Pets, People, and the Planet.” The founders, with their profound expertise in Reiki, have created a sanctuary where the soothing and transformative energy of Reiki facilitates a harmonious connection between humans and animals.

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Reiki Fur Babies Logo, Credit: Reiki Fur Babies

The services curated by Reiki Fur Babies transcend the realm of physical healing, and are delivered remotely to clients worldwide. Dr. Ming Chee and Candy Boroditsky, with their holistic approach, guide individuals to discover the profound connections awaiting them with their pets.

Dr. Ming Chee, reflecting on her journey, states, “Having practiced as a clinical pharmacist, I’ve always been intrigued by the complementary nature of Eastern and Western medicine. Over the past 12 years, Reiki Fur Babies has allowed me and Candy to explore this synergy, offering a holistic healing approach that nurtures not only the physical but the emotional and spiritual well-being of pets and their owners. It’s a beautiful confluence of medical knowledge and ancient healing practices, creating a space of unconditional love and healing.”

Reiki Fur Babies welcomes a diverse clientele, ranging from individuals seeking a deeper bond with their pets to those yearning for a tranquil space of healing and spiritual exploration. The testimonials and stories shared on their platform resonate with the transformative experiences of both pets and their owners, underlining the profound impact of the Reiki healing provided.

The values of Reiki Fur Babies is beautifully encapsulated in a book authored by the founders, Candy Boroditsky and Dr.Ming Chee. The book, titled “Reiki Fur Babies,” narrates an inspiring true story of healing, transformation, and love.

The heartwarming Fur Baby gallery showcased on their website reflects the myriad of lives touched by the healing energy of Reiki under the gentle guidance of Candy and Ming.

The company’s website and social media include many case studies of animals who have been helped by their services, leading to a better quality of life for them and their owners.

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