Last weekend was all about Coachella (see this week's paper), but there is much that I didnt have room for and you, the lucky SC reader get extra scoop…and pics! But first, let me digress a bit and tell ya about this insane party I went to the night before heading out to the desert. You've probably seen the E! Channel specials about it already, but those celeb ass-kisser shows dont give you the real skinny do they? They're all about red carpet posing…boooor-ing! The real excitement is always inside, away from the cameras.

—Arriving at the US Weekly Hot Hollywood Awards at Republic (a new over the top Vegas-looking hotspot) we were forced to wait a while in line, though luckily ran into pal Alex LeTellier from where we chatted the time away and learned that head ed Laurie Pike is gone from the popular site! We're sure we'll be hearing about her new gig soon!

—Anyway, the shindig was wall to wall celebs trying to look their most fashionable inside: Jessic Alba, The Hilton's, David Spade (minus, last week's US cover girl Heather Lockclear), Ludacris, Kelly Osbourne (who, seriously was the hottest chick there in curls and lace)… It's funny, some famous people look exactly how they do on TV, while some look freakishly different. Lisa Rinna, the chick from Dancing With The Stars looks like a mutant (harsh I know, but she does), Paris Hilton aint all that hot (weird nose) and Entourage's Jeremy Piven, who seems sexy on his show, in person is the kind of obnoxious drunk guy I would usually avoid at a bar.

—The party was a people watchers wetdream, and apparently an autograph hound's too. We left the bash around midnight only to be trampled by a sea of magazines and plastic covered 8x10s, which were being thrust in the face of the gal behind us. “Whose that?” our companion for the night, Giddle Partridge (soon to be seen in an upcoming LA Weekly fashion spread) asked. Didnt recognize her at first but then I realized it was Mischa Barton's way too young looking mom on The OC… Yes, I watch The OC, what of it???

Chatted up uber stylist Jen Rade in line for the valet and she was super cool. She even complimented Giddle and my ensembles (we definitely stood out in this crowd of label whores and bores, as did designer Bobby Trendy, who got stuck outside when the party hit capacity).

Oh, and I'm sure you wanna know about the goodie bag, doncha? Here's the list: Fancy trucker hats (?) from M. Frederic, two different kinds of razors (the most popular gift bag item it seems), Lip Fusion gloss (“injected with micro-collagen”), oil body spray (for that wet Destiny's Child leg look), and my fave, Play-Doh brand perfume which smells just like childhood.

—Speaking of goodies! Got some pretty good ones at the Coachella-pre parties last weekend too. Much to my suprise my pal Rachel Dean's man DJ Cheyne was one of the organizers of the Anthem bash at Frank Sinatra's estate and he escorted me thru the suites to score some cute Reeboks sneaks, though I passed on the retro 80s aerobic style booties with velcro ankle cuffs that the company just reintroduced.   

Over at the DKNY Jeans/Motorola bash, I got an adorable dress and top in the suites and chowed down on yummy grub from Urban Palate. The Anthem party was outta food by the time I got there so I was starving!

By the time I got to Coachella, the sun was setting (this is the time to go by the way) and it was all about going where ever the wind took me. This attitude served me well, especially after I scored a coveted side stage wristband (press usually dont get access to these) and was able to watch all the bands I wanted to from a closer vicinity. —On Sunday, being a little adventurous really paid off. Along with my pal Mary Patton from Amoeba Music, I meandered thru the crowds to find a positively perfect view of Madonna's six song set, and not just the monitors. Mary called the next day and told me a funny story about a friend of hers who made a fake wristband out the back of a maxi-pad adhesived strip, which allowed her right in front during the Madge spectacle.

Now that's a material girl with moxy! See more Coachella scoop in this week's Nightranger.

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